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So it was time to head home… Sadly… We’d met some great people, made a bunch of new friends and had an awesome time on the track, but now we must head home.
We loaded up the cars.

Blessed the AW11 at the Wakefield Shine (front gates), and began the trip home.

Into Goulburn…. For Breakfast, a massage (2 days of laps annihilated my shoulder 🙁 ) and some shopping

And found me a new race helmet

Went and had the R888’s removed from the AW11 and the KU31’s refitted

Then we left Goulburn behind *sniff* and headed to Windsor and Parramatta to catch up with some Toymods members for a Beer O’Clock. I also happened to pick this up from one of the AW11 Anons…

Yep… An AW11 tow bar…

It’s the full circuit today, so…

Fk ups and sketchy moments…

56mins of full circuit laps..
You like hellaflush, you like stance? Well fk that ****, this is how it’s done

Started ripping into the R888’s now!

The awesome trophies that Steve organised, and the two Ken took home!

The winners

After the track day, what else is there better to do then pack up your gear, head back to the cabins and get some sleep? Going to the pub, having dinner while talking cars and consuming some beverages, that’s what’s better!

The Hibo Pub has what they call, The Hibo Hero Hot Burger… This meal requires you to sign a waiver of your life and comes with gloves and a glass of milk.

Tree, decided he was man enough to consume this meal… 550+ people have tried, these boards show those who have made it… (Doesn’t say if they have survived though…)

And from here, it was all down hill…

And he quits… Good effort…

The evening continued with more drinking and partying back at the Wakefield Cabins.

Day 3 – Let the Racin’ Begin!

So Much Win…  Just photos for tonight.

And some videos!

Special Stage!

Short Circuit Session

Fly bys on the short circuit

We made it! Now chilling out in the Cabins at Wakefield Park.


Day 2 – Afternoon Update!

Around 3PM, MR2’s started arriving. Trav, Brendon and Ken arrived with Ken’s AW11.

And his insanely wide tires!

Tree and friend arrived at the same time.
Then The Pearl arrived shortly after.

Which after some investigations needed a clutch bleed

Tree was eaten by his car.

And eventually, Steve arrived.

Nearly ready to turn in for the evening to get a good nights sleep before the event (What, sleep before a track day!?!?!?!).

Been an interesting day.
First up, some twat forgot to secure the oil cap correctly…

Amazing how far a 4AGE will go with half a sump full of oil… <facepalm>
Drove 150km with the oil cap sitting on the rocker cover, was only when I gave it a blast at Highfields (Near Toowoomba) that oil ended up on the rear window and gave me a brown moment. Spent 15mins at the car wash “degreasing” the car and engine bay, at least it wont rust in there any time soon…

Pit stop at Glen Innes for fuel and drinks

Another pitstop at Tamworth, no photo due to iPhone, inverter and GPS all over heating. We suffered 44’c temps from Tenterfield to Muswellbrook before running into torrential rain that slowed us down to 40km/h on the highway 😛 TrackDub ran a little hot a few times along the ranges, but that might have been because I was flogging it along to overtake caravans, trucks and grannies in Mazda 6’s.

Now chilling out at Singleton in air conditioning!