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Since the head gasket let go good and proper on the SlushDub, it’s time to repair and upgrade it. While I was ordering parts to replace the headgasket, I also bought this thing….

An Autorotor S3-2087 Twinscrew 0.87L Supercharger.

This was another abandoned project from a former AW11 owner, so looking forward to making this work on the SlushDub.

So we had a total of 5 MR2’s on this damp day, not a bad turn out really considering it’s a Friday and the weather was meek.

First session out, the SlushDub decided after just half a lap, the intercooler hose should no longer be apart of the intake path.

Thanks to BEN77 for the spare hose clamp!

The best place for a P Plater to be getting to know their car and their limits.

Red ones go faster!

Ben found out what happens when you come into a corner too fast in the wet…. Lucky it wasn’t Mt Nebo…

Graham also found his way off the track, but didn’t bring half the field home…

Eric back in after a session of chasing Excels…

Goodbye head gasket!


The main reason why the SlushDub did so many circles…

Productive day on the SlushDub.

During the week I had some silicon pipes turn up for the bigger intercooler.

Quickly improvised a bit of silicon tube and some exhaust tubing to join up the J pipe to the intake.

Also fabricated up a new battery clamp.

Then had to extend the positive battery lead because the terminal, so managed to bodge this up.

Yay, it all fits!

And to finish this off, I’ll leave the little cool japanese guard lights that came with the car



Decided to put in another half hours works and have a crack on putting together one of my 3 in 1 taper mergers for the V6 exhaust. The 3″ to 2″ tapers arrived Tuesday so it was just a case of measure them up and work out what to cut off each.

After cutting the required amount off each part, I stuck them together in the lathe to align them for welding.


Then added a couple of tack welds.


Small ~0.5mm ridge on the inside that will get ground flat once the welds are done.


Showing the seperate parts and then the final combination.


The mergers are 150mm long, which matches the exhaust calculations I’ve been doing. Just need to take the final measurements off the part to put into CAD software so I can 3D print a couple for the exhaust lego.

Spent a day giving the SlushDub some love, hopefully it will get it ready enough for a shake down at Queensland Raceway on the 22nd.

Did some comparison measurements between the stock intercooler and the CoolerPro unit.


Unfortunately I lack a couple of 2.5″ to 2″ silicon hoses so I couldn’t mount the new cooler in the car. I also need to get some tabs welded to the intercooler to utilise the stock mounting points, but those will have to wait till after the 22nd. So I grabbed a spare thermo fan and installed it onto the stock intercooler and refitted it.




Spent the afternoon putting a lot of interior back in and tidying the car back up in general. Currently has a mix of blue and black trim, but I’m hoping to replace it all with black soon enough.


Another step forward on the V6.

CAD’d the engine side mount, then cut it out of steel.


Quick test fit.


My multi-utility table


Fitted and welded the mount in place


Then added a bit more weld to the gearbox side


Now it holds itself up!


Next up is to start reinforcing the chassis points where the torque mounts will go.

Some quick progress tonight, 95% completed the timing cover engine mount done.


Just hacked off a tab


Hacked up a bit of 50x50x3 angle and drilled wholes to match the engine mount point.


Bolted it in for a test fit


Welded the mount into position


Then test fitted.


Will dig out the CAD tomorrow and get the chassis sides of the mounts designed.

Some more parts arrived for the V6.

A 1MZFE Camry clutch slave cylinder. This avoids the hassle of the double acting SW20 slave on the E153 and it’s BS bleeding process.


And a HJ45 Landcruiser engine mount. This is the mount I’ll be fabricating to bolt to the front of the 1MZ. It’s the biggest mount I could find on eBay for <$50 and looks just as big as the mount on the E153. Previous I was looking at using a stock AW11 engine side mount, but they are just too small and I was worried about them tearing apart quickly.

This means this week/weekend I can get back into cutting and welding mounts!

Started yet another project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, Exhaust Lego.

Although this is yet ‘another’ project, it should help with designing and building a decent exhaust for the 1MZ.


The idea is a bunch of little click together bends and straights that allow you to build exhaust runners like lego. I’m designing them in Solidworks and building them with my 3D printer. The first designs are for 1-5/8 (41.20mm) sized exhaust tubing with each segment being a 22.5 degree angle and feature a few indexing marks around the mating surfaces to align to specific angles. Connecting two segments makes a 45 degree bend, four segments makes a 90 and so on…




First test batch of exhaust lego.


Plug end needs a redesign as it’s to thin and rigid and just broke. Will make the section thicker and have a smaller lip.


Two sections together making a rather tidy 45 degree bend


Four connectors to make a 90 degree bend.


And here I indexed the last two connectors at a 90 degree angle from the first too, giving a bendy runner design.


Once I get the connect design sorted and can produce good replications of the parts, I’ll look at making some other pieces like flange plates, vee-bands and merge collectors to add to the kit.

Fitted the Nardi steering wheel to the SlushDub and it certainly makes a nice improvement on the interior! Now to just continue the rest of the restoration!