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Boredom set in over the weekend and I decided to kick off a random project using a bunch of spare parts laying around the place. The goal for this project is to build  steam pipe turbo manifold using a compact log design to allow a generic chinese GT3076R T3 turbo swing off the side of a 4AGZE motor. This project currently has no real purpose other then using it as a build exercise to learn to use a few new tools and techniques, but at the same time to produce a turn key project (just in case I want to sell it for some $$$ afterwards 😉 ). This includes tackling tasks like heat management, oil and coolant line placement, turbo dump pipe placement and ease of service.

I had actually drafted up a design for this during the week after an insomnia driven night of CAD.
4AGTE Manifold.png

It’s a basic log manifold design with a couple of optimisations for flow (Cylinders 2&3 actually flow into the center instead of directly into the log wall).

As I was mocking up parts on the floor, I found it was hard to align the steam pipe elbows to the manifold flange with any form of accuracy, so I whipped up this alignment rings on the 3D Printer
Photo 27-06-2015 10 07 45 pm.jpg

Fitted 4 units into the elbows. They are easily removed using a dremel to split them inside the flange.
Photo 28-06-2015 1 28 33 am.jpg

I had a bunch of 4AG flanges cut out last year, so grabbed on out and fitted it to a spare head.
Photo 28-06-2015 4 05 31 pm.jpg

Tack welded the first two elbows.
Photo 28-06-2015 4 27 00 pm.jpg

Quickly removed for a few measurements.
Photo 28-06-2015 4 27 18 pm.jpg

The remaining two elbows were trimmed (free hand with the grinder….) and then tacked in as well.
Photo 28-06-2015 5 23 52 pm.jpg

I test fitted a AE101 CAS, which is stupidly close to the manifold. This worries me as I don’t want the manifold and turbo cooking the CAS, so I might look at other options. (This is the heat management part).
Photo 28-06-2015 5 25 00 pm.jpg

Same situation with the AW11 4AGZE distributor.
Photo 28-06-2015 5 26 33 pm.jpg

I then tack welded the T3 turbo flange in to being a quick dummy up of where everything will go.
Photo 28-06-2015 5 58 58 pm.jpg

I then checked that there was still enough space between the runners to fit a spanner in. This ensures that I can actually get the unit on and off the motor!
Photo 28-06-2015 6 00 11 pm.jpg

Even plenty of space to access the bottom row from the top.
Photo 28-06-2015 6 00 24 pm.jpg

With it all tacked up and bolted to the motor, it was turbo time. This is a generic china GT3076R turbo I picked up for the V6 last year. It’s stupidly big for a 4AG, but will pack a massive punch HP wise.
Photo 28-06-2015 6 06 20 pm.jpg

The compressor is faced towards the back of the motor for packaging and heat management purposes. The shifter cables, heater hoses and transmission lines all run at the back of the motor, so I wanted to avoid putting the turbo and dump pipe in that region.
Photo 28-06-2015 6 06 26 pm.jpg

Unfortunately to make everything super compact, it also means I have to relocate the oil filter.
Photo 28-06-2015 6 06 54 pm.jpg

I then threw on a bit of aluminium intake tubing to mock up the path of the dump pipe.
Photo 28-06-2015 6 16 44 pm.jpg

I wasn’t happy with the CAS/Dizzy location being right on the corner of the manifold, so I looked for alternate options and found this. It converts a 36 tooth cam gear into a 36-1 trigger wheel with a hall sensor fitted. This will work with the MegaSquirt ECU’s I have.
Photo 28-06-2015 8 28 04 pm.jpg

I test fitted the slimmest Oil relocation plate I had.
Photo 28-06-2015 11 20 57 pm.jpg

But even with the fittings removed, it was nearly touching.
Photo 28-06-2015 11 38 30 pm.jpg

However, thanks to Google, I found this nice little Moroso unit that will do the job.
Photo 28-06-2015 11 53 21 pm.jpg

Well that’s it for this post.
Till next time!