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Playing with some other stuff over the weekend.

I picked up a dirty cheap M90 supercharger from a Ford Thunderbird which is in much nicer condition then the M90 from the L67 Commodore I picked up around xmas. It’s got better mounting points, better ports and is a more compact unit. So I decided to play around with some potential fitments for the supercharger in the engine bay.

Mount it standing upright like the factory TRD unit. However not a lot of space to fit an sizable intercooler between the outlet and the intake.

Next up I tested it with the longer drive snout from the L67 M90 (TB one is just too short for this position).

There is plenty of space to build a laminova intercooler in the valley of the motor, however due to the position of the pulley directly above the engine mount, it will require a couple of idler and tensioner pullies.

Or it could even be mounted like this (factory Thunderbird orientation), this allows plenty of space for everything.

A quick dummy fit of some pipe work shows it is a good option.

During the weekend I helped B24 collect his 2GR from the engine builders and he offered me some spare 2GR valves to do some dummy fitting into the 1MZ heads I have sitting around.

The 2GR valves are a honking big valve compared to the 1MZ.

Intake valve diameter: 34.0 mm
Exhaust valve diameter: 27.3 mm
Intake valve overall length: 95.50 mm
Exhaust valve overall length: 95.50 mm
Valve stem diameter: 5.5 mm

Intake valve diameter: 38.0 mm
Exhaust valve diameter: 32.0 mm
Overall intake valve length: 105.85 mm
Overall exhaust valve length: 110.4 mm
Valve stem diameter: 5.5 mm

First think I noticed was, the two heads I have here are not a matched pair… One is a VVT head and one is not.

There is a noticeable difference in combustion chamber, valve guides and valve seats.

Plonking the valves in one head showed they were very close to touching, however they are unseated and would clear once fitted to the heads correctly. It would just be a case of ensuring the duration/overlap of the camshafts would not cause an interference.

Dropping them into the other head showed that due to the increased squish area, the valves will not sit without machining it back. However I reckon it can still be done.

One of these heads has had the intake ports ported out, so I thought I would show a quick comparison.

Stock porting, pretty rough and pretty average.

Ported head, cleaned up and looks the goods.

Gives me ideas for when I get around to porting some heads….