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More tinkering.

Roughed out the intake ports, just need to tidy it all up now with the dremel.

Had to chop some clearance out of the supercharger mount.

Plenty of room to access for the bolts on the manifold. Same from the top once the fuel rail is removed.

It’s all fits, but is still tight.

Time to test fit it in the engine bay

Supercharger fits with a lot more room.

Pulley clears with 40-50mm now

Outlet pipe clears with a good 30-40mm of space, I could possible even remake it as a 2.5″ outlet

Looking at options on setting up the W2A

Intercooler outlet to intake manifold has a real nasty S bend to fit.

However, this might work. Pipes line up really nicely with minimal bends. Even leaves enough space for the battery to stay in the factory spot.

Quick belt test fit.

Till next time…