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Another quick update.
Started making ShitManifold v1.0 to get this show on the road.

Bought a $30 vice from Bunnings and taped some random bits of alloy to it to make it into a pipe crushing machine.

Bought some 3″ aluminium tubing and crushed it over a 36mm pine plug to form the plenum chamber.

Brings it down to below the 45mm gap I have between the chopped 4AGZE manifold and the twinscrew unit.

A quick dummy fit shows it will do the job.

Quick dummy up of the intercooler placement and intake pipe paths.

Had a friend weld some plate to the chopped 4AGZE manifold. Each hole is for the cylinder runners and needs ported out to suit.

First port roughed out.

Few lumpy bits to smooth out.

It’s nothing special, but it will work.

I’m working with minimal tools at the moment, just a rotary file bit in my dewalt drill

The plate welded to the manifold will be trimmed to size once the porting has been completed.

Then a section of the plenum will be removed to match the trimmed plate on the manifold.

Then the two halves will be welded together forming a sealed manifold/plenum.

Quick fitment to the motor to have a look.

Add the plenum.

Another angle.

Till next time…