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Bit more tinkering on the twinscrew tonight in an attempt to bed down on how it’s going back together for Nationals. Finished a half assed mount for the supercharger top. Needs some plate welded onto the angle to reach the remaining 3 holes, however I might just make this part out of some 150x100x10 steel instead as it’s easy to source and I can weld/cut it with ease.

I rotated the position of the bypass valve to provide more space on the head side for the intake manifold.

Some kind of intake manifold to be made in here. Will probably be ****, but I just want to get this running ASAP and it can’t be any worse then the stock setup.

Lower supercharger mount modified to suit new position.

Quick layout of the belt position, however I might need to add an idler between the supercharger and water pump to provide more belt wrap between the two. Also added the oil return hose, just need to weld in a AN-10 fitting into the sump to accept it.

Oil feed for the supercharger, need to get a hose made up to this then plumb it into a spare port on the thermostatic oil cooler plate.

Fitted aforementioned thermostatic oil cooler plate.

Need to do a quick test fit into the engine bay tomorrow to see how everything sits and where I will locate the W2A core.