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Continuing from the engine tear down.

Just like working on a Fallcon or Commondoor, minus the sea sickness.

Off came the head.

Pistons look okay.

Bores…. Less so.

Headgasket was blown across all three dividers.

Head seems okay, needs a decent investigation though.

This wasn’t good to find…

Or this…

So time for some new parts and a quick rebuild!

Plan now will be.
– Drop the motor, inspect the bottom end – Replace bearings if necessary.
– Hone the block and fit new rings to pistons – Maybe upgrade to some 8.9 small port pistons while they are cheap.
– Replace the camshafts and damaged buckets – Maybe ‘invest’ in some Kelford cams.
– Check head for defects, replace with another if necessary.
– Replace timing belt, water pump, thermostat and transmission filter.
– Replace head gasket, head studs and exhaust studs.
– Build a new custom intake manifold to make better use of engine bay space for installation of the twinscrew.
– Reassemble engine and get it back in the car.
– Fit the DIYPNP MegaSquirt ECU.
– Do skids all the way to MTC2015